Munising, Michigan

Calling all waterfall lovers – this post is for you!

In my recent trip to the Upper Peninsula, my main bucket list destination was Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. When we arrived in Munising, all the cruises had been canceled for the day due to high winds except for the very last cruise. We booked the last cruise, hoped for the best, and started to figure out what to do with the rest of the day while we waited for the call to be made about the final cruise.

To my extreme delight, the entire area has waterfalls in close proximity, each different, each beautiful. The lovely ladies at Pictured Rocks Cruises had given us a map and highlighted a few of their favorite waterfalls to visit. I plugged the waterfalls into the GPS and off we went!

Wagner Falls

First up, Wagner Falls. A short hike through the woods leads you to this hidden gem.


Alger Falls 

Funny story about this waterfall. It’s located on the side of the road at the intersection of M-28 and M-94. It was literally right in front of us as we drove from Wagner Falls, but for some crazy reason, our GPS directed us about 5 miles out of the way only to return to the exact spot we had already passed. Technology is great, but it will never replace common sense!


Memorial Falls 

This one was a bit tricky to find. The entrance is on the right-hand side of the dead end road, but the area is basically a subdivision. A woman was out mowing her lawn and confirmed we were in the right spot. Warning: the trails are extremely uneven, filled with exposed roots and large rocks. In fact, on our way out, a gentleman had tripped on a root and went headfirst into a tree gashing his eye. Some good samaritans helped us help him and his wife, providing him a towel while my mother-in-law located the nearest emergency care facility. These kind souls even offered to drive the couple, but they opted to drive themselves, following the generous strangers.

This is the view from on top of the waterfall. It’s somewhat hard to tell because the water is falling over the rock cliff and blends into the surrounding davern below, but it was about a 30-foot drop so be careful crossing the narrow wooden bridge.


There are paths that will lead you down the cliff, around the rocks to get up close and personal with this waterfall. Again, approach with caution and make sure you have appropriate shoes! I did not so it was quite treacherous, but still totally worth it.

Miners Falls 

Hands down, my favorite of the day. A 1.2 mile round-trip gravel walking path will lead you through a spectacular forest to where the Miners River drops about 50 feet into a sandstone canyon creating a gorgeous view.  I recommend checking out both viewing platforms, although there are 77 steps involved.


Munising Falls

The last of our impromptu waterfall tour was the Munising Falls. Less than a quarter mile walk on a paved trail through the woods led us to this 50 foot waterfall.

These were only a handful of all the falls you can explore if you ever find yourself in the Munising area. My next trip to the U.P., I already have Au Train Falls (lower), Mosquito Falls, Bridalveil Falls, Rock River Falls, Chapel Falls, Elliot Falls, Sable Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Scott Falls, Tannery Falls, and Laughing Whitefish Falls on the itinerary!

What waterfalls are on your must see bucket list?!

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