My next thirty years.

As I approached the big 3-0, I wasn’t terrified of it like others of my generation or the billions of people who have hit this milestone before me. I was actually quite excited. We threw a themed birthday party and I was surrounded by all my friends, who graciously participated to help me say good bye to my roaring 20s!



The day after my friend filled birthday party, my family surprised me with an intimate outdoor birthday dinner. The real surprise was when it started to down pour out of nowhere. As everyone took cover, Andy and I hopped on a four wheeler in search of the rainbow. There they were. Two lovely reminders of God’s promises to us. I live my life always looking for the positive in whatever life throws at us, so, for my final night of the decade, I found it to be absolutely perfect that the unexpected happened and we made the best of it.


Side note: Ladies and gents, if a guy doesn’t look at you like you are completely insane when it starts pouring rain and instead, drives you around searching for the rainbow, no questions asked… keep him forever.


I think I’ll take a moment celebrate my age
End of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Tim McGraw – My Next Thirty Years

I think everyone has an idea of what “old” is, but once they actually reach that age, it doesn’t feel old anymore. For many, many, many people, thirty is their old. Not for this girl. Although it is a year that deserves recognition, I’ve understood for a while thirty ain’t old. I came by this lesson, not by the process of aging, but through the loss of many loved ones early in my life. I appreciate what I was robbed of.

So if it’s not the age itself that scares me, what inspired me to create this blog? As thirty began to surface, what I really came to terms with was exactly just how young it is and how much more I have left to do. How much more I have left to contribute to this world.

I feel that I have done pretty well so far. I’ve followed a rough outline of the American dream of getting married, building a house, finding a “career”, but I know there’s more to life. Much more. It hasn’t been the easiest of roads, one I’ve only navigated down with the grace of God as my co-pilot and the help from my awesome core group of friends and family. But there’s still an enormous amount of room for improvement and that’s where this blog comes in. I invite you to share with me the struggles, triumphs, and what will no doubt prove to be an entertaining journey of development. Physically and spiritually, through my experiences, I want to inspire people to be better and to know, no matter what your age, there’s always time to change, time to grow. I’m looking forward to the rest of this adventure called life.

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