What will you find here?

A mix of positivity, inspiration, travel, and family life.

Who am I ?

I’m Christena.  I am 31 years young and my life revolves around God, my husband, our puppy, positivity, our family and friends. I love to travel and thoroughly enjoy snapping a photo from time to time. I will never get over the magic that comes with every sunrise and sunset, and I’m completely obsessed with natural beauty. I’m a small town girl with big dreams who still has no idea what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m okay with that! I believe life isn’t about figuring it all out at once, but discovering who you are piece by piece. I created this blog to talk about my life, dreams, thoughts, and basically any other crazy idea that pops into my head. Thirty Ain’t Old was created in response to how so many people freak about turning thirty. That’s not me. I take age in stride as I know all too well, it is a privilege denied to many. There’s been a lot of life lived in these last 31 years and I want to make sure I make the most of the rest of my time on this earth.

I love traveling. Near or far, experiencing new places and seeing the natural beauty of God’s creations are passions of mine. Like many people, I have a bucket list filled with hundreds of things to do and places to see. I’ve chronicled many of my travels and can’t wait to share them with you. What places are your on your must-see travel bucket list?!

Throughout my 30 years on this planet, the power of gratitude has been one of the greatest lessons I have learned. When you are thankful for what you have, you will be blessed with more. If you are not grateful for what you have now, having more will never be enough. Part of my daily ritual is to give thanks for my blessings every morning, but this year, I want to do a gratitude project that will document at least one person, place, thing, or experience a day that I appreciate. If you have done this sort of project previously, share with me what you are grateful for! If you haven’t, I challenge you to join me in looking for at least one thing a day for a year to be thankful for.

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